5B Results Still Pending

Jeffco voters passed a $33 million mill levy override, 5A, that will provide much needed funding for our district. Thank you, Jeffco!

As 9News reports, 5B votes are still being counted. Following are a few highlights:

The battle is still unknown as people like Kay Slater wait to see if the Jefferson County bond proposal will pass. "Definitely, we're all holding our breath," Slater said.

She is a stay-at-home mom turned co-chair of We Are JeffCo, a parent and community run organization behind the campaign supporting measures 5A and 5B.

"For Jefferson County, 5A was past due and we're thrilled that it looks like it's going to pass," Slater said.


5B is supposed to bring in a $567 million bond issue to fix buildings around JeffCo like Green Mountain High School. Currently, its gym is unusable due to a water problem underneath the floorboards. Or at Alameda High School where conditions are deteriorating in the 60-year-old building.