Yes on 5A & 5B – a valuable and worthwhile community contribution

Jeffco parent and volunteer Kim Johnson's Letter to the Editor explaining her support for 5A & 5B (printed in November 1 edition of the Arvada Press): 

By approving 5A and 5B, Jeffco residents offer direct support to our community with local dollars. In Colorado, the state sets school funding each year and then Jeffco voters can approve additional dollars on top of that amount – those additional dollars are 5A and 5B. As a parent and volunteer, I see amazing things in Jeffco Schools that I am happy to support with my tax dollars and time.

5A will provide operating dollars dedicated to Jeffco to improve our competitiveness with neighboring districts. I have watched fantastic teachers and principals be recruited away from Jeffco by districts whose communities have approved local increases and therefore can pay more. 5A will also fund additional personnel at schools dedicated to student safety and the expansion of career/technical and STEM programs.

5B is the fiscally appropriate approach to protecting our taxpayer assets. At the current rate of capital transfer available in the Jeffco Schools budget, it will take 25 years to save enough money to address the total facilities’ needs. And that's if the aging of facilities could be halted. Any increase in capital draws from the operating budget means fewer dollars available for teacher pay, personnel, safety, materials, and regular maintenance. Assets valued in the billions like Jeffco Schools properties just can't be protected without capital infusions from time to time. 5B funding will also address needed physical security improvements.

I urge Jeffco voters to say yes on 5A & 5B – a valuable and worthwhile community contribution.

Kim Johnson