Breaking Down the Bond: Alameda & Columbine

It’s easy to wonder where the $567 million bond will be spent. Let’s break it down. This week we’ll focus on the Alameda Articulation and the Columbine Articulation areas. You can visit our What Will They Build at My School page for the complete list of Facility Fact Sheets prepared by the Jeffco Schools Facility Team. If you start with the high school for your area, you’ll find a summary of all items to be addressed at the schools within that articulation area.

Alameda Articulation Area

There are many essential improvements planned for 57-year-old Alameda Jr./Sr. High School, proud home to the IB Middle Years Programme, the IB Diploma Programme, and the IB Career-related Programme. An addition to the building and renovation of the existing building interior will address critical building concerns and ensure the continued success of these programs. Safety and security updates will also be completed; this work will include enhanced classroom security door hardware, updated security cameras, and improved security for common areas. Mechanical and electrical systems will also see updates to replace aging equipment and provide increased efficiency. The total estimated cost of the proposed improvements at Alameda Jr./Sr. High School is $18,003,098*.

The elementary schools which are in the Alameda articulation area will see an additional $8,132,810* in improvements. The variety of work is demonstrated in the chart above. And for greater detail, you can visit each school’s Facility Fact Sheet:

Columbine Articulation Area

Columbine High School is the home of Rebel Pride. And while the faculty, staff, and students are committed to high standards of learning for all students, the building which houses them is 45 years old and requires significant capital investment. To protect this asset, Jeffco will invest $14,129,966* to complete extensive exterior work, interior improvements, and an addition to the building. Investments will be made to improve safety and security, including updating security cameras, hardware, and modifying vestibules, entries, and common areas for optimum security. Mechanical and electrical systems, which are critical for day-to-day activities, will be replaced and modernized. Interior spaces will not be forgotten, and a complete remodel is planned. Furniture, flooring, paint, and lighting will all be replaced.

Jeffco will also invest $8,570,767* in the middle and elementary schools which are in the Columbine articulation area. The variety of work is demonstrated in the chart above. And for greater detail, you can visit each school’s Facility Fact Sheet:

Next week, we’ll take a look at Arvada & Green Mountain.

*These are the estimated costs of the proposed improvements. They are subject to change based on final project scopes.