Breaking Down the Bond: Conifer, Bear Creek & Lakewood

It’s easy to wonder where the $567 million bond will be spent. Let’s break it down. You can visit our What Will They Build at My School page for the complete list of Facility Fact Sheets prepared by the Jeffco Schools Facility Team. If you start with the high school for your area, you’ll find a summary of all items to be addressed at the schools within that articulation area.

Episode 4: Conifer, Bear Creek & Lakewood

This week our deeper dive into 5B looks at the Conifer, Bear Creek & Lakewood articulation areas.


Conifer Articulation Area

In Lobo Country, Conifer High School is well-known as a caring community. At the heart of their mission is challenging curriculum, innovation, and preparedness for success. Conifer High reflects Jeffco’s district-wide goals, but as with all our school communities, they also serve the unique needs of their students.

With an investment of $9,820,651,* Jeffco Schools plans to respond to these needs with an addition to the high school. This additional space will eliminate the current modular buildings and will provide room for successful programing to grow – both welcome changes for this mountain school.

Improvements to common areas, security cameras, classroom doors, and entries will enhance  school safety and security. A school-wide remodel will include upgraded moveable classroom partitions to improve the learning environment with sound proofing as well as mechanical, electrical, and plumbing equipment upgrades to increase efficiency and life expectancy.

The bond package includes replacement facilities for three elementary schools – one of which is Marshdale Elementary. $20 million has been allocated to build a new facility at the same location. All other schools in the Conifer articulation area will see improvements totaling an additional $3,962,336.* The variety of work is outlined  in the chart above. For greater detail, click on each school’s Facility Fact Sheet:


Bear Creek Articulation Area

Bear Creek High School was built in 2008 as part of the 2004 bond package. The Bears are proud recipients of the 2016 Colorado Governor’s Distinguished Improvement Award and remain “Committed to Learning, Growth, and Achievement for All” as their mission.

There have been many advances in school security during the past decade and the 2018 bond package will allow BCHS to implement improvements to security cameras, entries, and common areas. The first life cycle for heating and air conditioning is ending, so some mechanical items will be replaced along with upgrades to electrical capacity and lighting for efficiency. The total investment in BCHS will be $1,196,747.*

Elementary and middle schools in this articulation area will receive investments totaling $35,221,152.* This includes a new facility for Kendrick Lakes Elementary with a budget of $22 million. The variety of work at each existing school is presented  in the chart above. Click each school’s Facility Fact Sheet for greater detail:


Lakewood Articulation Area

Home of the Tigers, Lakewood High School is the largest high school in Jeffco. A replacement facility was built in 2008 as part of the 2004 bond. A modest investment of $3,127,890* is included in the 2018 bond proposal for LHS. This work will include a roof replacement and heating, air conditioning, electrical, and plumbing system replacements following the completion of one life cycle for these systems. To take advantage of technology improvements and resulting utility savings that have developed during the past decade, lighting fixtures will be replaced and door hardware security enhanced. An interior remodel will allow the expansion of successful programming, such as Lakewood’s sought-after IB program.

Elementary and middle schools in the Lakewood articulation area will receive an investment totaling an additional $8,766,904.* The overall investment in schools located within the city of Lakewood will be $153,880,971* — a much needed investment in some of the more established areas of Jeffco. The variety of work is demonstrated in the chart above and individual school Facility Fact Sheets:

Next week, we’ll look at the Chatfield and Evergreen articulation areas.

You can visit our What Will They Build at My School page for the complete list of Facility Fact Sheets prepared by the Jeffco Schools Facility Team. If you start with the high school for your area, you’ll find a summary of all items to be addressed at the schools within that articulation area. You can also view this handy flipbook, which has project timelines included.

*These are the estimated costs of the proposed improvements. They are subject to change based on final project scopes.