Breaking Down the Bond: Chatfield & Evergreen

It’s easy to wonder where the $567 million bond will be spent. Let’s break it down. You can visit our What Will They Build at My School page for the complete list of Facility Fact Sheets prepared by the Jeffco Schools Facility Team. If you start with the high school for your area, you’ll find a summary of all items to be addressed at the schools within that articulation area.

Episode 5: Chatfield & Evergreen

This week our deeper dive into 5B looks at the Chatfield & Evergreen articulation areas.


Chatfield Articulation Area

The mission of Chatfield Senior High is to foster intellectual curiosity and encourage academic success – and they do so with pride! CSH serves students with a variety of programs to prepare them for success, including one of only two auto shops in the district and a strong concurrent enrollment program featuring connections with Arapahoe Community College, UNC, CU Denver, and Metro State. A $4,887,763 investment in CSH will enable a building remodel to ensure that quality programming can grow.

5B will also provide funds to improve the safety and security at Chatfield, with improvements planned for security cameras, door hardware, and common area security. The electrical system will be upgraded and expanded to accommodate 21st century needs and aging heating, air conditioning, and plumbing systems will be updated. Energy efficiency will be improved with investments in modern lighting technology. And, repairs to the exterior of the building will ensure that these interior investments are protected.

The middle and elementary schools which are in the Chatfield articulation area will see improvements totaling an additional 11,614,370.* The variety of work is demonstrated in the chart above. And for greater detail, you can visit each school’s Facility Fact Sheet:


Evergreen Articulation Area

A 16-year John Irwin School of Excellence, Evergreen High School engages all students in rigorous, creative, and innovative educational experiences. The Cougars are proud of their service - more than ¾ of EHS students volunteer in this mountain community. And the Evergreen community is proud of the Cougars’ academic achievements – 96 percent of EHS graduates attend college.

5B funds will provide for a remodel of the school’s interior and renovations to support successful programming. Improvements to common areas, security cameras, classroom doors, and entries will improve school safety and security. Electrical, lighting, plumbing, heating, and cooling equipment will be upgraded, increasing efficiency and extending building life. One important investment will be replacing the worn roofing, which sees significant weather impact in this mountain environment. Improvements to the campus landscaping and athletic fields will complete the work at Evergreen High. The total investment in EHS will be $11,552,176.*

A significant investment of $20,247,902* will be made in the elementary and middle schools in the Evergreen articulation area. This will include additions at Evergreen Middle, Parmalee Elementary, and Wilmot Elementary. The variety of work at each school is demonstrated in the chart above. Visit each school’s Facility Fact Sheet for greater detail:

Next time, we’ll look at Jefferson and Pomona articulation areas in addition to the district’s Option Schools.

You can visit our What Will They Build at My School page for the complete list of Facility Fact Sheets prepared by the Jeffco Schools Facility Team. If you start with the high school for your area, you’ll find a summary of all items to be addressed at the schools within that articulation area.

You can also view this online flipbook, which has project timelines included.

*These are the estimated costs of the proposed improvements. They are subject to change based on final project scopes.