Breaking Down the Bond: Jefferson, Pomona & Option Schools

It’s easy to wonder where the $567 million bond will be spent. Let’s break it down. You can visit our What Will They Build at My School page for the complete list of Facility Fact Sheets prepared by the Jeffco Schools Facility Team. If you start with the high school for your area, you’ll find a summary of all items to be addressed at the schools within that articulation area.

Episode 6: Jefferson, Pomona & Option Schools

This week our deeper dive into 5B looks at the Jefferson & Pomona articulation areas as well as option schools.


Jefferson Articulation Area

With a history rooted in community, Jefferson Jr./Sr. High values those who come together for their school and community. The Community Center at Jefferson Jr./Sr. High School has been recognized by the Colorado Department of Education as a 2018 Promising Practice for improving family-school partnerships. By placing an emphasis on increasing student achievement through student engagement and collaboration, JHS enables  bright futures for their students.

However, the nearly 60-year-old building does need updates to plumbing, electrical, and mechanical systems as well as roof replacements so that  JHS can continue to be usable and safe for students. As part of 5B, an addition to the building and a remodel of existing areas is planned. Secured common area vestibules, improved exterior doors, and updated security cameras will provide needed safety and security improvements. A total investment of $13,456,190* will be made at JHS – a powerful investment in the Edgewater community.

Elementary schools in the Jefferson articulation area will receive improvements totaling an additional $18,903,181.* The work at each elementary school will include an addition and interior remodel. For greater detail, you can visit each school’s Facility Fact Sheet:


Pomona Articulation Area

Located in Arvada, Pomona High School is dedicated to academic, athletic, and creative excellence. Home of the High School of Business and many other career and technical courses, Pomona is proud of their academic successes. Panthers are encouraged to participate in the school’s exceptional opportunities, such as AVID (Advancement via Individual Determination) which assists students in overcoming obstacles in their pathways to success.

This work continues despite the important improvements that are needed at the 45-year-old campus and Jeffco has planned a $12,798,591* investment as part of their 6-Year Capital Improvement Plan and 5B. An addition to the school will permit the removal of temporary classrooms that have been in use as the student population has increased over the past several decades. And an interior remodel will connect the new addition with the existing spaces and will replace aging mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. Exterior improvements are needed to address failing roofs, windows, parking lots, sidewalks, and exterior walls, and the project scope for Pomona will address each of these. The work planned will also include safety and security updates: door locks, secured entry vestibules, security cameras, and more secure exterior doors.

An additional investment of $7,934,421* will be made into the elementary and middle schools in the Pomona articulation area. The variety of work at each school is outlined  in the chart above. Visit each school’s Facility Fact Sheet for greater detail:


Option Schools

Options schools are Jeffco schools which do not have specific boundary areas. They offer enrollment to students from throughout the district. Option schools serve students in kindergarten through high school and offer distinct educational focus. The total investment planned for option schools is $38,279,104.*

This includes $10M for a new Warren Tech facility planned for south Jeffco. A third Warren Tech campus will offer additional capacity in Jeffco’s successful career and technical education program. Warren Tech connects Jeffco students to career-focused learning through many engaging and connected programs such as Health Sciences, Science & Technology, and Skilled Trades.

A variety of improvements are planned for the 13 other option schools, including additions at Jeffco Open School and The Manning School of Academics and Arts. To review all option school improvements planned with 5B and the 6-year Capital Improvement Plan, please visit their individual Facility Fact Sheets:

Next time, we’ll look at Dakota Ridge and Standley Lake articulation. You can visit our What Will They Build at My School page for the complete list of Facility Fact Sheets prepared by the Jeffco Schools Facility Team. If you start with the high school for your area, you’ll find a summary of all items to be addressed at the schools within that articulation area.

You can also view this online flipbook, which has project timelines included.

*These are the estimated costs of the proposed improvements. They are subject to change based on final project scopes.