Breaking Down the Bond: Dakota Ridge & Standley Lake

Breaking down the Bond  

It’s easy to wonder where the $567 million bond will be spent. Let’s break it down. You can visit our What Will They Build at My School page for the complete list of Facility Fact Sheets prepared by the Jeffco Schools Facility Team. If you start with the high school for your area, you’ll find a summary of all items to be addressed at the schools within that articulation area.

Episode 7: Dakota Ridge & Standley Lake

This week our deeper dive into 5B looks at the Dakota Ridge and Standley Lake articulation areas.

Dakota Ridge Articulation Area

At Dakota Ridge High School, students live, love, learn, and leave a legacy. By focusing on promoting extraordinary learning, opportunities, and a strong community, Dakota Ridge prepares all students for success. Students have many academic pathways to explore at DRHS. The International Baccalaureate Programme offers rigorous and balanced academic curriculum which can provide college or university tuition savings. And Career Explore provides pathways that offer a combination of high school credit, career exploration, workplace readiness and training, and industry certificates and internships.

So that DRHS Eagles continue to have a variety of pathways to choose from, 5B will provide interior building renovations to better accommodate these successful programs. The work will also address safety and security issues by updating security cameras, hardware, and modifying vestibules, entries, and common areas for optimum security. Mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and lighting improvements will provide for efficient and proper building functions. And exterior improvements to the parking lot and sidewalk areas will increase student and staff safety. A total of $5,000,847* will be invested in the more than 20-year-old facility as part of 5B.

Elementary and middle schools in the Dakota Ridge articulation area will receive improvements totaling an additional $13,369,830.* The work at each school will include a variety of projects outlined in the chart above. For greater detail, you can visit each school’s Facility Fact Sheet:

Standley Lake Articulation Area

The Gators of Standley Lake High School are engaged in the world with empathy and pride. SLHS students founded Day Without Hate in 2007 and this event continues throughout Jeffco and Colorado to promote nonviolence, unity, and respect in schools. On their road to continued success and engagement, SLHS students have a diversity of academic pathways to choose from. Home to strong Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate programs, SLHS offers students strong college-bound pathways. Students can also choose to follow the CTE (Career and Technical Education) pathway for successful preparation for life after high school. The Gators are also extremely proud of their fine arts programs – the art, theater, speech, and music programs are renowned for their excellence and success.

Built in 1998, SLHS has seen a significant increase in enrollment over the years and as a result an addition to the building is planned as part of the 6-Year Capital Improvement Plan. Funded by 5B, this building addition will also enable the expansion of the fine arts and music programs. Increasing physical security is also a priority of the project and improvements to exterior entries, security cameras, common area vestibules, and interior door locks are included in the total $10,810,512 that will be invested in Standley Lake. The electrical system will be upgraded and expanded to accommodate 21st century needs and aging heating, air conditioning, and plumbing systems will also be updated. Energy efficiency will be improved with investments in modern lighting technology. Replacing movable partitions with sound-proof models and student furniture with newer features will allow improved learning conditions. This asset will also be protected by updates to the building exterior.

An additional investment of $17,309,256* will be made into the elementary and middle schools in the Standley Lake articulation area. The variety of work at each school is listed in the chart above. Visit each school’s Facility Fact Sheet for greater detail:

In our final episode of Breaking Down the Bond, we’ll look at Golden & Arvada West articulation areas. You can visit our What Will They Build at My School page for the complete list of Facility Fact Sheets prepared by the Jeffco Schools Facility Team. If you start with the high school for your area, you’ll find a summary of all items to be addressed at the schools within that articulation area. You can also view this online flipbook, which has project timelines included.

*These are the estimated costs of the proposed improvements. They are subject to change based on final project scopes.