Charter Schools share in 5A & 5B

What is in 5A & 5B for Charter Schools?

In Jeffco, we have 15 charter schools with 17 charters throughout the district. These public schools operate under a contract, or “charter”, with the school district. They are each managed by their own school-level board of directors comprised of parents, teachers and/or community members. Charter schools also receive support from the district, including from the Charter School Office which is the liaison between charter schools and the district. Each charter school renews their agreement with the district every 5 years through a detailed charter renewal application process. To learn more about charter schools, you can visit the Charter School Process section of the Jeffco Schools website.


5A – $33 million Mill Levy Override

Mill Levy funds will be distributed to charter schools on a per pupil basis. Charter schools have approximately 10% of the students in Jeffco Schools and will therefore receive approximately 10% of the mill levy funding. 95% of the charter funding will be sent to each charter based on enrollment and the additional 5% will be allocated to charters based on free and reduced lunch enrollment. Each charter school’s board of directors will determine the use of their additional funding.


5B - $567 Million Bond

At the April 2018 Jefferson Charter School Consortium meeting, the fifteen charter schools unanimously voted to request the Jeffco School Board to appropriate bond funds equally to each charter school regardless of enrollment. Approximately 10% of the total Jeffco bond funds will be split equally to the 17 charter school campuses. Each charter school’s board of directors will determine how they’d like to invest these capital funds. For information on what each school is considering, the list of schools below contains links to their Facility Fact Sheet.


A snapshot of most current enrollment numbers and approximate potential funding:

Charter School


5A Mill

estimated funding

5B Bond



Addenbrooke Classical Academy


$286k annually

$3.34 million

Collegiate Academy


$167k annually

$3.34 million

Compass Montessori - Golden


$155k annually

$3.34 million

Compass Montessori - Wheat Ridge


$94k annually

$3.34 million

Doral Academy of Colorado


$95k annually

$3.34 million*

Excel Academy


$213k annually

$3.34 million

Great Work Montessori


$82k annually

$3.34 million*

Jefferson Academy Elementary


$309k annually

$3.34 million

Jefferson Academy Secondary


$268k annually

$3.34 million

Lincoln Academy


$304k annually

$3.34 million

Montessori Peaks Academy


$188k annually

$3.34 million

Mountain Phoenix Community School


$245k annually

$3.34 million

New America


$103k annually

$3.34 million

Rocky Mountain Academy of Evergreen


$133k annually

$3.34 million

Rocky Mountain Deaf School


$27k annually

$3.34 million

Two Roads Charter School


$268k annually

$3.34 million

Woodrow Wilson Academy


$381k annually

$3.34 million

*State law mandates that charter schools be in operation 5 years before they receive bond funds. The Jeffco School Board has elected to hold these funds for schools open fewer than 5 years. Once they reach qualification, the funds will be available to them.

For more information on charter schools and 5A & 5B, please visit the Jeffco Schools Future Funding Site.