6-Year Capital Improvement Plan

We know you were curious, so we did the math for you. The projects planned if voters say yes on 5B (Jeffco’s Bond) total more than the $567 million ask. What’s up with that? Will all the projected listed for each school be completed if the bond passes? We’re glad you asked! And, yes, if voters pass 5B, Jeffco Schools will be able to move forward with the full project list.

The school level project lists are part of the Jeffco Schools 6-Year Capital Improvement Plan. This CIP will be funded by money received from the Bond and the annual capital transfer. Jeffco Schools transfers money annually from their operating budget to the capital budget. This is called the annual capital transfer. This money allows the district to address the most urgent maintenance and repair needs. These are also typically those with a shorter life. Passing 5B will allow the district to address longer range issues as well as those that are much higher in cost, such as new school buildings.

The Bond will provide $567 million and the capital transfer is planned for $23 million each year over the next 6 years. The total of these two sources is $705 million. Here is how the $705 million will be allocated:These categories are spread out among all Jeffco’s schools – some schools are receiving work in one category and others in several categories. For a breakdown of how money will be spent at each school, you can review the Facility Fact Sheets. Over the next several weeks, we’ll be summarizing how money will be spent in each high school articulation area – follow Breaking Down the Bond in the We Are Jeffco blog to learn more.