Edgewater Echo endorses Jeffco Schools 5A 5B

We're thankful for another endorsement, this one from the Edgewater Echo. Here are a few highlights:

New school funding would give districts like Jeffco Public Schools a chance to truly invest school funding equitably. When there is a scarcity of funding, then those with the most power and privilege win out. We have to be honest about the opportunity gap that exists in our school district. Students who face the challenges of poverty start school behind and fall behind each year. Our students need more targeted resources to succeed to college and career.


There is a false narrative in our county that our students and families just need to work harder to succeed. It’s the “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” idea. Over the last six years working in our community I have come to realize that poverty is systematic and that our families are already working hard at multiple jobs just to afford rising housing costs. We have to take a hard look at the systems that keep our students down and how the right resources can change systemic inequities.

More money won’t fix the opportunity gaps that exist in our schools but using the new funds wisely will start to bridge these gaps.

Read the entire endorsement, and remember to vote Yes on 5A and 5B and turn in your ballot by Nov. 6!