Golden Transcript: Longtime Jeffco Parent

Golden Transcript: Longtime Jeffco Parent (Aug. 16, 2018)

As I enter my 15th and final year as a Jeffco parent, I’m both grateful for the education my children have received, and discouraged by the opportunities they missed compared to students in neighboring districts.

Jeffco Schools has not seen a significant investment in new square footage or classroom maintenance since my oldest was in Kindergarten in 2004. And just two years ago, every nearby district that asked voters for an increase in funding received it - except for Jeffco. We are significantly behind our neighbors in the investment we make in our students.

With my youngest entering his senior year, it’s clear that my children will not benefit from any future mills or bonds Jeffco Schools may pass, yet I am fully supportive of greater investment in our schools - fully willing to pay more taxes to invest more in Jeffco students.

Regardless of the connection to our schools - as a parent, grandparent, neighbor, community member, local business, etc. - I hope Jeffco residents see the value of investing in our students and our schools, and I hope our School Board will vote to put measures on our November ballot that will allow Jeffco Schools to catch up to other districts. Jeffco students deserve the same opportunities, resources and quality learning environments other Colorado students already receive.

Kelly Johnson, Golden
Jeffco Schools Parent

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