Jeffco Schools 5B bond in the news

Jeffco Schools 5A and 5B is in the news again with this story about what the bond money will improve safety and learning conditions in schools. Here's a few highlights:

“I believe we’re at a critical juncture and 21st century learners need 21st century school safety,” said John McDonald, executive director of the district’s security and emergency management. “To accomplish that we need to update buildings and bring them online with today’s world ... And at least for me, it’s the most important thing we can do. Every child in our school is our responsibility.”

“The average school in our district was built 50 years ago, so the threat of our time then was way different from what we face today,” McDonald said. “One of the things that we know from not only Columbine, but so many tragedies since, is the need to secure doors as quick as possible.”

“Older established parts of the community need reinvestments to help keep Jeffco a place to raise kids,” Glass said. “In our pre-1980s high schools, we especially have some needs that need desperate attention.”

Green Mountain High in Lakewood is one of those schools.

In August, water leaked through the roof into the library, classrooms and walls creating major problems as the school prepared to begin the new year.

Now, there is water saturation under the gym floor, which forced the school to cancel gymnastics and volleyball events.

Learn more about 5B on our Bond Basics page, get more details in our Breaking Down the Bond series, and read more about how the mill and bond will work together to increase safety and security. Next, endorse the mill and bond if you haven't already, and sign up to volunteer and remind our community to vote Yes on 5A and 5B.