League of Women Voters endorses Jeffco Schools 5A & 5B

We Are Jeffco is very excited to share this endorsement and press release from the Jefferson County League of Women Voters. Thank you for your endorsement!

The Jefferson County League of Women Voters supports the Jefferson County School District’s ballot issues 5A and 5B. Our schools need increased funding for student supplies and services, teacher salaries that attract and keep high quality teachers, building maintenance and safety, and increased mental health services for students. We believe that these funds will support the school district’s efforts to improve instructional services and increase student safety.

These funds will be used in a transparent way, with a citizens’ oversight committee, independent audits, and no funds going to senior district administration. The voters did not approve a bond issue in 2016 and the needs for the district have continue to grow.

The League of Women Voters supports equitable, quality public education for students. 5A and 5B will support student needs and contains mechanisms for accountability to the citizens of Jefferson County. Good schools are good for all of our citizens, but especially for the students who need safe schools, good programs, and great teachers now.