Letter to the Editor from Frank DeAngelis

Today's support for Jeffco Schools 5A and 5B comes from Frank DeAngelis, former Columbine High School principal and long-time school safety advocate. Here's his letter to the editor, as published in the Columbine Courier and the Denver Post.

Never again in our district — not on our watch. These are words to live by when it comes to safety and security in Jeffco Schools, and one of the many  reasons I support Jeffco Schools 5A and 5B.

The mill levy override and bond will fund important security improvements in our schools. Funds from 5A will allow Jeffco to put more campus supervisors in middle schools, and more security personnel and School Resource Officers at all school levels.

Mill funds will also help to build increased and stronger partnerships between SROs and schools. Additional school training for lockdown drills could also be implemented with this additional funding.

The bond, 5B, will fund significant improvements in physical security to our schools. That includes interior door locks, improved security entrances and protocols, security signage, and safety window film for strategic areas. 

Timing is critical, and these bond funds will allow the district to put these safety features in place sooner to better protect all students, staff and educators. We must continue to improve safety and security in Jeffco, and we need your support to do that. 

I am asked, “What are you going to do?” and my response is “What are we going to do?” 

We must protect our children, our most precious commodities. Please vote yes on 5A and 5B.

Frank DeAngelis
Columbine High School principal 1996-2014

Remember to vote yes on 5A and 5B, and to return your ballot by mail or at a dropbox by Nov. 6!