Have you seen the latest news coverage of Jeffco Schools 5A?

Just in case you missed it: check out this story about how the mill levy override, 5A, will improve education in Jeffco Schools.

Here are a few highlights from the story:

“Right now it appears that we are a training ground for our educators who can go to any other district around us and made 5-15 grand more per year,” said board member Ali Lasell, at the Sept. 6 Board of Education meeting when the ballot language was finalized.


The other 50 percent of the mill focuses on mental health and school security; career and technical education and STEM options; instructional resources, supplies and technology; and early childhood education.

“We recognize that social, emotional safety is every bit as important as physical safety and security,” said John McDonald, executive director of the district’s security and emergency management. “Having well-trained security personnel, campus security and armed patrol is needed in today’s school environment. The other piece to that though, is social, emotional safety for students struggling. We’ve seen suicide threat assessments increase — and our teams do a wonderful job, but to keep up it requires that we have the same supports in place.”

You can also learn more about 5A on our Mill Levy Override Basics page and then support the effort by endorsing the mill and bond and signing up to volunteer.