November 8th Update

We Are Jeffco thanks you so much for helping us make Jeffco better able to ensure our students are ready for college and career, provide more metal health support and attract and retain the best educators. On Tuesday night, we were able to pass a $33 million mill levy override, 5A, that will provide much needed funding for our district.

Currently, the bond package, 5B, is not passing, we are down by less than 2,000 votes with more than 15,000 votes still to be counted. So, we will wait for every vote to be counted which will take many days yet. Military ballots aren’t even due until the 14th of November. What we do know is that every time the clerk updates her numbers, we bring 5B closer to victory. So, we will wait for all of those last-minute voters, people who still need to sign their ballots and overseas voters to have their voice counted and then we will know where we stand.

In the meantime, please, check to make sure your ballot was accepted and that there wasn’t a problem with your signature by visiting if the site tells you your ballot was rejected, reach out to us at and we can help you get it fixed. When literally every vote counts, you don’t want your ballot to be thrown out because your signature has changed since you were 18 or you accidentally signed your spouses’ ballot.

Thank you all for your support and everything you did to help us be successful in Jeffco!

Until we have more news,

We Are Jeffco