November 9th Update

Dear We Are Jeffco Supporters,

5B is the little engine that will. Now, we need your help getting it across the finish line. We are only down 132 votes and there are still more than 5,000 ballots to be counted and more than 700 ballots to be cured.

What does "cure" mean? It means that someone didn't do one of these three things:

1) The voter didn't sign their ballot,

2) The voter's signature didn't match their signature on file with the clerk, or

3) The voter was required to include a copy of their ID and they didn't.

So, if the voter fixes their issue they "cure" their vote and it will be counted.


Help us reach out to these voters and make sure their vote gets counted!

Sign up to help cure by selecting what shift you can help with here. When you arrive there will be a training and then you will begin reaching out to the voters.