More parent support for Jeffco 5A & 5B

Here's Jeffco parent Nicole Head's letter to the editor about why she supports Jeffco Schools 5A & 5B.

I’d like to say I live in a world of hope.

A world where a school district in obvious financial need wouldn’t have to post pictures of sewage leaks at Columbine HS to try and encourage its citizens to vote for a mill/bond.

A world in which I wouldn’t be trying find the perfect words to describe that feeling when my children’s little hands leave mine to head into school, and I’m left knowing that it’s one of the most underfunded districts in our state.

A world where guilt wouldn’t accompany gratitude for my kids’ amazing teachers because I would know that they were decently compensated for giving their days, evenings, hearts and dedication to our kids.

Instead, I live in a world where I watch school campaigns go down in flames. I understand that money is limited. I understand that we can only dip our hands into our pockets so many times before we’re left without pockets.

Still, my heart beats out hope.

The truth is, funding schools is funding for every other cause. It’s helping kids find jobs that keep them off the streets and away from drugs and alcohol. It’s helping tomorrow’s doctors find the spark that drives them to search for cures to cancer. It’s teaching today’s students that they want to be tomorrow’s teachers.

So, I ask you. Will you take the time to vote for our kids? Will you help me to teach them that they are worth believing in? Will you vote yes with me on 5A/5B?

Nicole Head

Vote YES on 5A and 5B and remember to return your ballot to a drop-off location by Nov. 6!