What Jeffco businesses are saying about 5A & 5B

Why do Jeffco businesses and city councils support 5A and 5B? We'll let them tell you in their own words.

From the Jefferson County Business Lobby (JCBL):

The JCBL has long believed that educating students for today’s workforce is directly tied to the success of JeffCo’s business community. Question 5A is a $33 million property tax mill levy override to fund district operations and salaries. Question 5B is a $567 million bond package to improve the district’s schools and facilities. The JCBL believes the measures are appropriately targeted and specific, while funding STEM and other workforce training programs important to the business community.

From the Arvada Economic Development Association (AEDA):

The AEDA Board of Directors believes [supporting Jeffco Schools 5A and 5B] will help to advance its mission and also support a competitive business environment in the City of Arvada, Jefferson County and the State of Colorado.

From the Golden City Council:

Whereas, Golden City Council further believes that taking care of our local school buildings keeps our neighborhood schools attractive and competitive, preserving Jefferson County as a great place to raise a family;

Whereas, Golden City Council believes our community needs this investment to achieve academic success for our future generations;

The Golden City Council endorses ballot items 5A and 5B as investment solutions to address the continued funding shortfalls of Jefferson County Public Schools and to address the future health and education of children in our community. Golden City Council urges our local voters to support these investments with a “YES” vote on both 5A and 5B, which will appear on the November 2018 election ballot.

To see more endorsements, check out our Endorsements page — and be sure to sign your name as a support if you haven't already.

Vote Yes on Jeffco 5A and 5B and remember to turn in your ballot by Nov. 6!