Why care about 5A and 5B?

In case you missed it, here's a great letter to the editor from former Lakewood Mayor Steve Burkholder.

Why should I care if the mill levy override and bond package (5A/5B) passes? I’ve lived in Jefferson County for over 54 years, I’m in my late 70’s, I’m retired, I’m on a fixed income and I don’t have any kids in school.

But I do care!  My wife and I moved here in 1964.  Jefferson County has been a great place to live, raise a family and to educate our two children in the Jeffco Schools.  I feel I have an obligation to future generations to provide them with the same opportunities, particularly in education that my family had when we moved here.  

As a former Lakewood Mayor, I recognize that great schools create great communities and vice-versa.  Probably one of the most important single assets retirees have is their home. A quality school system enhances property values.  I also sense a growing spirit of working together to invest in the achievement of all Jeffco students to enhance their opportunities and postsecondary success.

A mill levy override and bond package approval would ensure more students are ready for college or career.  Our 21st century learning will make all students (from early childhood education through high school) more productive in today’s competitive world.

It’s time to step up and assume our responsibility to properly fund our neighborhood public schools for students, teachers and outdated facilities.  Please join me in voting “yes” on 5A & 5B. Remember to vote and send your ballot in by Nov. 6.

Steve Burkholder